What People are saying...

Salty SUP n Kayak™


"Excellent! Very informative and a lot of fun! I have been wanting to take a class for a while but have never been on a board before. The information at the beginning of the class was particularly useful and made me feel comfortable being able to use the board safely. The instructor was excellent; she definitely answered all questions and provided us with tons of valuable information."- N.C. 


Expedition Yogi™

"I wish I could offer suggestions, but I thought everything was perfect, from the booking process, the kayak training, and yoga instruction. I wouldn't change a thing!" - K.B.

OM Your Yoga™


"This is an exceptional program and the intensity of the teacher part of the program has allowed me to graduate as a confident and highly knowledgeable yoga teacher. It has been an incredible journey and I would recommend this to those who wish to become teachers, as well as those who want to expand and develop their own yoga practice. This course has been life changing and I cannot express my gratitude to Chris enough." - S.G.