Expedition Yogi™

SUP and Yoga Retreats

What is Expedition Yogi™?

 We are an Adventure -Nature-Yoga Company.

 Bringing it all together.

Stand UP Paddleboard Yoga

Adventure. Nature. Yoga.

Being outdoors, on the water with water sports, adventure excursions, along with yoga is meant to build strength, increase endurance, improve your overall physical health, and balance our mental fitness. 

Kayaking Adventures with Yoga

Connect back to nature today!


At Expedition Yogi , our efforts are on building a better, more fit, and highly active yoga community while connecting to nature. We feel nature is an important part of any one’s yoga experience. We offer a variety of classes, programs and trainings registered with yoga alliance, all  to broaden everyone’s experience and to discover and nurture the best in everyone. And above all have fun!!